Presentation to Eurovision Executives

During this presentation we focused on the various voice control systems Amazon echo, Google home, Cortana, and Siri. With Amazon echo we demonstrated linkage between voice control and media the fire TV as well as interfaces with Sonos speakers Logitech remote, Hue lighting ,Insteon home control , nest cameras, nest thermostats and door locks. Also looked at was the family of echo devices such as echo plus,  echo show, echo look, echo tablet.  Moving into virtual reality we demonstrated  VR headsets from Google, Samsung, Oculus, HP , Asus  and HTC.  in augmented reality we examined the Microsoft holo- lens,Meta 2, Lenovo’s project Tango anone of the stars of the evening Lenovo’s Jedi challenge headset in conjunction with Disney.  finally as this was a creation group as well as a consumption group we looked at various production techniques from NewTek, black magic design, , Sony Sennheiser, as well as various Dante audio devices.