State of Telecom 2016: Online Video as the Disruptor: Winners and Losers, Columbia University

Over the past 5 years, the use of online video entertainment has exploded. In 2011 the average
user spent 39 minutes per day watching online video. By 2015, that number had quadrupled to 1
hour 55 minutes a day. Online video is quickly becoming the “killer app” of the Internet. As
online video becomes a central pillar of the Internet it disrupts traditional players and industries:
content producers; distribution networks; aggregators; consumer electronics makers; cloud and
data centers; advertisers and marketers; and investors. The conference will analyze how these
industries are affected and what the consequences are.Online Video as a Disrupter of Consumer Electronics


Previous generations of video were generally defined by the devices used to view the content (VHS, DVD, Cable/Satellite Set Top Boxes). But online video is not tethered to a single device. This panel will analyze the current and future state of video hardware, and also explore policy on set-top box/device interconnection.  Discussion will include financial models for video hardware, and whether the next generation of video will require separate hardware, or be virtualized in the cloud.


Henning Schulzerine, FCC and Columbia University

John Carey, Fordham University

Greg Harper, Harpervision

Bernarda Duarte, Roku